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I am not a scientist, nor a doctor, but I know there is something about storytelling that activates our minds. I am on a quest to learn all about digital storytelling and I thought a good place to start is here. With this blog. My own digital story, of sorts.

Storytelling and to be specific digital storytelling intrigues me. To me it means using a mix of media, including graphics, photos, sounds and video to convey a message.

I am a training designer. With every project no matter a job aid or video, there is always a story. A point. A message that must be conveyed, not only through the words, but visually as well. Finding this story is part of the adventure.

As my quest to gather, group and visually display information about Digital Storytelling, I used this and created my first online course. I sourced a variety of training platforms like Udemy, which I love. But, this time, I landed on An excellent platform to create online courses. And to boot, they are Canadian.  Below is a link to the course, its just a sample of an 8 hour course.

Going through this exercise really put my curriculum development hat on.  I created a mind map to get started and created content for each step of a learners journey.

While I still have yet so much to learn about digital storytelling and how it activates our minds, I hope through every project to learn a little bit more.

Check out my first online course below; I created using