PROTOTYPE – snappy, performance support resource

Lately, I have been creating on-the job resources, in the hopes of promoting that learning shouldn’t be separated from the day job. Short, snappy performance support resources designed to be used while working can be refreshing. They designed to be succinct and useful above all else.

This is a quick PROTOTYPE that shows how a quick digital resource could be used for just-in-time support for sales specialist on the floor.

Launch Presentation

This was a fun project and it is only a small snapshot. Obviously, there is so so much to learn about home renovation. I had fun working with some design tools, and of course photoshop to run this lovely 1960s style kitchen into a pretty art deco type space. What I learned in my research is that the word renovate means something different to each and everyone one of us. That is where the experts come in! AND thank goodness!