There is a new trigger in Articulate Storyline 360 and it is fantastic. Basically you can set up variables to react on ‘CUE’s’ that you enter. You will see my trigger on the image to the right.

This is excellent for creating training videos where you want to stop at a certain moment and ask a knowledge check question or where you just want to add information at a certain spot for learners. OR use CUEs to invoke an interaction from the learner (press a button) or something, to ensure they are still there.

My Workflow and probably can be improved:

STEP 1: I captured a quick timelapse clip, on the Insta 360 ONE X Camera.

STEP 2: I did some editing in Adobe Premier Pro

STEP 3: Compressed the video in HandBrake

STEP 4: Imported the video into Articulate to start creating the project.

Launch Presentation